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  • Wedding Consultation

    consultation fee is non refundable Kindly give 1 business notice if you are unable to make your consultation.

  • Tux/ Suit Fitting

    Book your Tux or Suit fitting consultation . Meet with our staff to pick a style, get your measurements and order your Tux or Suit for your up coming event.

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  • Living Life in Full Bloom

    If someone would have told be three years ago that I would own a business in 2021, I would have laughed. I was working a job I really didn't love , and had no passion for. I had no real hope or desire to go up the corporate ladder. I wanted to be my own boss. I was sick of working to make someone else rich. I was very thankful for my job because it paid the bills. In May of 2021 , I purchased a business that I absolutely love. This reason why Bloom's Flower Shop has the tag line, Live life in full bloom. Living life in full bloom means living with hope and purpose, with imagination and vision in a way that honors the Earth, the spirit and one another - quote by Elizabeth Murray. Since owning my own business, I feel completely different. I feel alive and I have never felt better. I lost sight of myself and felt like I had no real purpose. Never loose sight of yourself . Every day we must live with hope and a purpose . Imagine all the good things in life that you want. Imagine it, envision it and achieve it. Don't be afraid to dream and use your imagination. Be the good that this world needs. Live with purpose , don't just live. You were put here for a purpose, find your purpose. We need to honor, respect and be thankful for all the good things in life and the special people in our life . There are so many things I am thankful for. You never know how great your support system is until you buy a business during a pandemic. It was a very long drawn out process and required so many documents. Some of the documents I have never heard of and I truthfully almost gave up. I didn't because I really wanted to own the business and if you know me I am NOT a quitter. This experience really taught me I can do anything and asking for help is ok. Everyone needs a little help now and then. Most of all I am thankful for my sons, my husband, my friends , and my family who have been my biggest supporters. I am thankful that no one laughed at me when I said ' I think I want to buy Bloom's Flower Shop". They all supported me 100% and I am so thankful for them. I am not sure what I would have done with out my husband during this process, he is my rock and my best friend. My boys are my world and everything I do is to make a better life for them. I am so very thankful for my customers who support my dream and my small business. Without you there would not be a Bloom's Flower Shop. Thank you for supporting us all these years and through several owners. We truly have the best customers. I am thankful for the earth that produces the beautiful flowers I sell at my shop. The flowers are so beautiful and uplifting, you cant be in a bad mood with them around you. I thank God , l wake up each morning . I have been blessed with more than I deserve. Also, I have been very blessed with the most amazing employees. Employees that I consider family. Take advantage of new possibilities , take a chance you never know, don't be afraid to hear no because what if you hear yes. Life live in full bloom.

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  • Arrangement Bouquets | Albion | Bloom's Flower Shop Albion NY Florists

    Home Shop Flowers ANNIVERSARY BIRTHDAY CONGRATULATIONS CORSAGES & BOUTS EVERYDAY GET WELL NEWBORN PLANTS ROSES THANKSGIVING THE BLOOM'S BOX VALENTINE'S DAY Shop Gifts BLOOM'S GIFT BUNDLES NOVELTY & GIFTS Chocolates GOURMET/FRUIT Weddings Tuxedo Rentals Sympathy / Funeral Graveside Services Book Online About Design Gallery CONTACT US Blog TESTIMONIALS Hours Delivery Search Results Gift Cards Shop Valentine's Day We accept Klarna ! Shop now. Pay later . Now Offering Tuxedo and Suit rentals Now offering tuxedo and suit rentals for all occasions , We highly recommend booking an appointment for a Tuxedo or Suit rental fitting during our busy season. ​ $40 off your Tuxedo or Suit Rental ​ Groom's Tuxedo is FREE ​ ​ Book your Tux Fitting Bloom's Weddings Bloom's Flower Shop offers a wide selection of bridal bouquets, wedding ceremony flowers and centerpieces. We only use the most premium fresh flowers with strict quality standards to ensure that dreams really do come true. Open communication and collaboration are invaluable for creating a memorable experience. There are a million details for you to think about. Our goal is to make it easier on you in every way that we can. Book your Wedding Consultation Sympathy and Funerals These orders are our very highest priority and require at least 4 hours prior to the service. We deliver to all the funeral homes in Orleans County and a few in the near by counties. Bloom's Flower Shop works closely with the local funeral homes to ensure the best service for you loved one. ​ Please contact us if you have questions or need more assistance. ​ ​ Order Arrangments Cemetery Services The following services are available to cemeteries in Orleans County. * Memorial day urn planting * Summer watering services * Fall mums * Christmas wreaths ​ Please email or call Bloom's Flower Shop or more information (585)-589-5119 ​ ​ Kristen Ostrander- Owner/ Designer Orleans County's Trusted Florist Creativity Since 1935 Bloom's Flower Shop Live life in full Bloom

  • Roses | Albion | Bloom's Flower Shop Albion NY Florists

    Roses 1 dozen Azure Roses Price $92.00 1 dozen Blue Lagoon Roses Price $92.00 1 dozen Rainbow Roses Price $92.00 1 dozen Yellow Bikini Roses Price $92.00 1 dozen Pink Floyd Roses Price $92.00 1 dozen Explorer Rose Price $85.00 1 dozen Panther Rose Price $92.00 1 dozen Freedom Rose Price $85.00 1 dozen Orange Crush Rose Price $92.00 1 dozen Purple Glass Rose Price $92.00 1 dozen Ocean Song Rose Price $85.00 Triple Delight Rose Bouquet (BFS53) Price $35.00 1/2 Dozen Roses Arranged (BFS76) Price $55.00 1 dozen roses (BFS52) - Price $92.00 One Dozen wrap Roses (BFS51) Price $80.00 18 roses (BFS71) Price $135.00 Three Dozen Red Roses (BFS74) Price $255.00 Two Dozen Red Roses (BFS75) Price $180.00 Load More

  • Novelty Add-Ons | Albion | Bloom's Flower Shop Albion NY Florists

    Fun Additions to Flowers OR Grouped on Their On! Personalized Christmas Bells Price $6.00 Hearts Necklace Price $30.00 Moon and Stars Necklace Price $30.00 Heart and Cross Necklace Price $30.00 Hearts Bracelet Price $30.00 Ribbons Bracelet Price $30.00 Moon and Stars Bracelet Price $30.00 Cross Bracelet Price $30.00 Cow Paci Pocket Pal Price $18.00 Grey Dog Paci Pocket Pal Price $18.00 Fox Paci Pocket Pal Price $18.00 Lamb Paci Pocket Pal Price $18.00 Zebra Paci Pocket Pal Price $18.00 Pink Cat Paci Pocket Pal Price $18.00 Elephant Paci Pocket pal Price $18.00 Plush Bear (1 Bear) Price $20.00 Foil Mylar Balloon (1Balloon) Price $6.25 Greeting Card (1Card) Price $3.00

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